Devotions from Judy’s heart

There are many scriptures about hearing and how important it to hear and to understand.  While at Kurt’s Lily got an IPOD for her birthday and she was thrilled. She had it on in the kitchen while she was cutting up veggies and as we were making teddy bears. But there was a problem for us.  She no longer was conversing with us as she only heard her own music and not our voices speaking to her. Kurt used the IPOD too and we couldn’t get his attention until we touched him. What about us? What keeps us from hearing the Lord? Are our spirits dull so we don’t get the message He speaks to us?   Like little toddlers do we cover our ears with our hands not wanting to hear what is being spoken ?  We are told to be quick to hear ( James 1:19), and to incline our ear and hear and apply our hearts to His knowledge. ( Prov. 22:17). Let us be better listeners even as He speaks in a still small voice.