Devotions from Judy’s heart

Devotions from Judy’s heart Have you ever had company that seemed to just flood your house with joy and delight? Yesterday we had a visit from gracious friends who filled our house with rays of “Sonshine.”  We met them while at the Nevis church and it seemed like the Lord connected us right away. Jan introduced me to Sarah Young’s devotional book but also asked to get my daily devotional that both her and her mom ( Elaine)  discuss  daily. They wanted to see the places I write about so they had a tour of where the retreatants spend time, and then went to the outdoor brick oven, to the labyrinth and to the Point. They had such enthusiasm and questions and it gave both Al and I deep joy. It made me think of how the heart of the Lord rejoices when we get excited about His words and ask lots of questions because we are interested to know more.,,, when we want to experience the things we have read about in the Word…..when we want to give back to Him, even as Jan and Elaine came bearing gifts…….when we want to discuss with others what we read in His word and it gives new ways of seeing things….when we just enjoy the present moment with Him. Elaine could have said, I am 89 years old and I’m tired so I will just look from my easy chair. Or Jan could have said, it is too far to take my mom there. But No, they wanted to see it all. Because of their visit, Al and I were so blessed and we can still savor the sweet aroma of Christ they left behind at Canaan. ( II Cor. 2:14-15).