Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Opening to God

Often we think of prayer only as talking to God. But “ Pondering prayer is talking with God about our thoughts, our wonderings, and our reflections on life experiences or challenges.”  When we ponder something we hold it lightly and give it space. We ruminate on it and think about it slowly and repeatedly. We don’t try to solve our questions or demand God for answers but just offer up our wonderings as a prayer to God. This can be in words or unworded.  Even listening to a sermon can be pondering prayer if our minds are open to God. Other ways are to meditate on scripture, ponder the words of the creeds, journaling, reflection, prayer walks etc. “Trusting openness of our self to God is what makes any moment a time of prayer.”  Let us think of what has been weighing on our minds or we have been carrying in our hearts and share it with God, asking Him to be part of the rumination process.