Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Opening to God

“We can only truly see the things of God through the eyes of faith, and the eyes of faith are the eyes of God.”  The author gives 4 suggestions for cultivating prayerful attentiveness. I know I so often pray that I will be more attentive to God and not miss what He is doing and saying.
1. Make time in each day for pauses in stillness, using these moments for attentive prayer. We might want to say a brief prayer each time we find ourselves looking at our watch or sending an e-mail.

2. Watch for traces of Him in daily life. One way is to prayerfully review our day of how God was present with us.

3. Watch for traces of God in other people. As we look through Spirit-filled eyes and watch for the presence of God in others it will change the way we relate to them.

4. Consider taking a periodic spiritual retreat as a way of nurturing a life of prayer. We need times of stillness and solitude to shut out the many outer distractions and retreat to the secret place.

Let us receive the gift of attentiveness with openness to Him.