Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book. At Sea With God

As we voyage with the Lord, what really matters is that we are trying to live true to the deepest alignment of our souls to God. As we do this, it becomes an attractor to encourage others to seek out their own deepest alignment.  Most of us know people like this, who, we feel, are deep down living true to themselves.  It helps us to trust and make our life choices with reference to our innermost compass too. They can be like a lighthouse for us to navigate life’s seas. They beam out a steady signal and these signals can help us to steer our boat. Let us in the core of our being, seek to live in alignment with all that is truest within us. Then what we experience as a powerful flow tide can usually be trusted to bring us closer to the destination of who God has dreamed us to be. The tides that generate feelings of unease will usually be indicative that we are running off course.  May God help us to learn to work against the negative movements that tend to pull us off course and flow instead with what is of Him.