Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book, At Sea with God

As we voyage on the sea of life there are deep, invisible underwater currents that can pull us in a positive or a negative direction. They can even rip our vessel apart. Currents tend to be strongest where there is some kind of constriction. In our spiritual journey we may be able to detect their presence with the benefit of hindsight, and it is good to take time to notice deep currents that may be revealed. It could be an issue that drags us off course or an overreaction.  So many of the currents that affect us are invisible and may carry us along sometimes against our own better judgment. An example may be the subtle power of advertising that seems to seduce us to generate artificial desires that undermines our core desire to live God’s dream.  If we are in a turbulent tide zone right now, we need to take an anchor and use it to hold ourselves steady and to take stock of what is going on. This anchor is primarily time for prayers and reflection, time to be still with God as the ground of our being.  An anchor might also be a friend with whom we can share our experience or a place where we can reconnect to our own roots.