Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Opening to God

Attention is the best preparation for prayer. This is not the same as concentration but of prayerful openness. We need to pay attention to that which is within us and beyond us in the present moment. That means being open and receptive to the sacred. As we are awake, we move beyond our self- preoccupations to the things beyond ourselves. Paying attention demands that we be present to our selves in the present moment. We can’t pay attention to something that is past or in the future, but only that which is present now.  Our senses were also a gift to help us encounter God and to enrich our lives. They may be used to invite us to pause and turn to God. If we were to walk through a garden filled with the scent of flowers it may cause our spirit to soar and open up to God. When we were on retreat at a monastery the bells would ring at specific times to call us to prayer and to turn our hearts to God. Let us allow our senses to turn our attention to God. We will find He will help us to see through God’s eyes and hear through God’s ears.  Paying attention is a response to grace!