Devotions from Judy’s heart

As we traveled from Kansas yesterday, we got behind some slow vehicles and sometimes there was a string of cars behind, causing everyone to slow up. I wondered if they knew how they were causing potential accident conditions and holding people up. Sometimes we think that what we do only affects us, but it really affects everyone around us. Our bad habits, our negative attitudes, and our sin patterns affect us foremost but they also have a ripple affect on our families and friends and even strangers. We are all responsible for our own selves, and like on the highway, we can go around people that are slow. But wouldn’t you like to say to them, “Let’s get going!  Join us! Pick up the pace! “?
Sometimes our part is to encourage those who have slowed down and other times we are the ones that need to quit lagging behind and speed up. In II Tim. 4:2, we are told to “encourage- with great patience and careful instruction.”