Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book, At Sea With God

When we are voyaging with the Lord there is a time to launch out into the sea. There has been lots of preparation in the background before we reach that stage of our journey. Often it is the fruit of years of slow growth and carefully processed experiences we have had.  We come to a place where we desire a deeper relationship and fulfillment of our Christian vision.  Sometimes as we look back we may think we wasted much of our time and may even be stuck with memories of what might have been.  But in God’s economy there is not waste. Even what seems negative, God can weave into something potentially life-giving when we co-operate with Him.  For example, those that have suffered serious abuse or betrayal in their lives, produce some of our finest literature and are most sensitive to others.

When we notice God nudging us and stirring us within to launch out into the Sea, it may be dramatic for some and for others more of a gentle and uneventful experience. But we do notice that the river of our  more confined life is now widening into something bigger and less predictable. We are being challenged in new ways which is both exciting and for me a little scary at times. More tomorrow!