Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book, At Sea with God

Who is with us on our boat that we call our life?  Who are our personal “crew” and how close do we feel to them and value them?
1.  The Navigator/co-navigator, is someone alongside us who shares the voyage at an intimate level, encouraging us and helping us discern. This could be a “soul friend” or spiritual companion with whom we can share deeply.

2. A small select team of experience mariners is important. This could be our faith community, our church or  small group where we support one another in whatever ways are needed.

3. The cook makes sure that all the crew receives wholesome nourishment. This spiritual food can be found in surprising places but it is wherever we feel fed and spiritually alive.

4. The ship’s Carpenter deals with maintenance issues so we don’t “fall apart”.  This could be a soul friend or someone who can remind us to look after ourselves and to enjoy life.

5. Apprentices are those who we pass on our own life experiences to and tell them our sacred story.

6. Short term passengers are those people who we may have a brief encounter with but have been life-giving to us. Even though they may be short-term they may have long-term effects on us, even as we can affect the lives of others by something as simple as a remark.