Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Opening to God

Honesty is so important in trusting God and being open to Him. God is real and He wants us to meet him in the midst of our realities of life and our experiences. “Prayer is the encounter of the true self with the true God.”  Honest prayer can transform us since God has access to the truths of our lives. But so often we bring Him our lying, false self that we have constructed out of our defensiveness. But when we are honest we will discover our true identity as we bring our full self to God. “Genuine prayer is turning to God in the midst of the mess that is the reality of our inner world.”  We can say anything to God as long as we are honest. As Al always says, God loves us in our stink! Isn’t it great we can stand before him in our nakedness and be changed and healed and made whole?