Devotions from Judy’s heart

I was reading in Romans 13 and 14:1 this morning of how we are to owe a debt of love to one another and to accept those who are weak in faith, without passing judgment. I thought of last night and the program the grandkids put on for us. Paige (10 years old) was the moderator and Lily ( 8 years on Sunday) was a helper. Grant who is 4 ½ did not want to be outstaged by his sisters and wanted the limelight. Paige and Lily knowing this let him give long drum rolls before each new thing on the program. ( He used long wooden spoons over many Tupperware bowls and could really drum away!) We all did freeze dances, and they played instruments, and had fun things. But even though Grant played the drums he “needed” more attention. They interviewed him and he had cute answers but because of his age, they gave him longer and longer drum rolls etc. They made allowances for him and treated him with much love, even though their program had to be altered. In the Body of Christ there are those who are new in faith or immature and we need to make allowances too, rather than judgment. As they grow, they shouldn’t need to be center stage but gradually be part of the Body and function as the Lord directs. May we show His love no matter where someone is at, just as others did for us!