Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book At Sea With God

As we think of our voyage through life what unique cargo is our life’s boat carrying?  What unique gift or calling are we carrying and who might it be intended for? Each of us has our own personal gifting, experience, innermost desires and longings that make up who we are. It matters to God that we live the fullness of who we are and carry it faithfully through our lives sharing it with others.  Our own cargo actually grows as we give it away and the vessel of our being will expand to accommodate it. Our own individual cargo resources are going to need replenishing as we journey.  Where do we dock and take on fresh supplies?  It could be a place or could be people that give us a special kind of oasis, and renew us with their encouragement. We each have our own “Home Ports” that help give us nourishment and the resources to go on. Not everything we stow aboard our boat is part of the cargo but more just baggage that can threaten the stability of our boat. We can spend so much time arranging it and rearranging it that we miss the experience of the journey.  As we are deciding what we really need and what is overloading us we can ask:  Is this useful? Do I cherish this as beautiful?  If not just let it go as it will drag us down.  Keep those things that lead to life. Radical separation from our baggage may be the beginning of radical healing! More tomorrow.