Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book,  At Sea With God

As we voyage through life, we often accumulate excess clutter which is often a sign of insecurity- a defense barrier against the world or protection against facing some unfinished business.  What things fill up our boat and take up space?

1.Old hurts and resentments which can sap our energy. 2. Assumptions and prejudices that we have stored away in our hearts and minds. 3. Comfort blankets we have grown out of but can’t let go of…ex. Old coping mechanisms. 4. Too much busyness which can be a cover up for loneliness or low self-esteem. 5. Fears and old ways of responding to new situations. 6. False guilt that traps us in our self-focus and puts us at the mercy of manipulative power systems. 7. Poor self-image that convinces us that our own voyage doesn’t matter.  8. The victim mind-set that assumes once suffered some undeserved harm every new situation is going to prove harmful. 9. Other people’s baggage as we take on responsibility for another person’s journey. Even though we know this is unwanted baggage it may be tough to let go. But when our desire to sail free is stronger than our attachment to the baggage, then we will let it go. Let us move on to greater freedom this day!