Devotions from Maragaret Silf’s book At Sea With God

As we think about our soul’s journey on the sea of life we recognize that certain aspects of our lives provide us with energy, and other aspects drain us of energy. How is our boat fueled, and what is our main energy source?   Like a sailboat we may feel our energy source is beyond ourselves, as we catch the wind and skim on the waves. Or maybe we feel like an oarsman struggling to row our boat through heavy seas.  Perhaps we feel like we need motorized assistance that calls on others to help us. Most likely we draw on all these resources at different times and situations.  We need to be aware of life giving sources of energy and give time and space to engage in those things.  We also need to recognize what drains us of life and minimize those losses by avoiding those things. Sometimes we may feel others steal our energy by putting us down with sarcasm and criticism. They may withhold affirmation and even belittle our skills. We can fight back which drains us further or we can find our own energy sources.  We may notice our energy flows when we are enjoying what we are doing or people we enjoy being with.  Or we can gain strength by being out in nature and sense peace and harmony. The most important thing is to be sure we are in touch at a personal level with the Source of all energy, who is God. We can constantly draw from that supply of divine energy and love. We do so when we withdraw into prayer and meditation or take time to reflect on where and how God is active in all that is happening in our lives. Why not take a 10 minute  walk today and just be with Him and listen to Him and you will find yourself refreshed!