Devotions from Margaret Silf’s book At Sea with God

Our life is like a voyage of discovery.  Every moment is an opportunity to discover something more of the mystery of God and his desire for our personal growth.  Each of us has a unique sailing vessel and must be willing to put to sea and make those discoveries. No two boats are alike and all are equally welcome to sail God’s seas.  We were made to sail and must move into unchartered waters. What state is our boat in? Is it seaworthy? Has it had been properly maintained?  The better we care for it the more joyously it will journey. We need to care for our body ( not pushing it to the limits), our minds (filling it with good things), and our spirits (having our inner hunger satisfied). The most important thing is who is at the control center of our boat. We may salute God as our guide and navigator, but do we ever let God take the helm?  We need to spend time with Him and then trust Him to steer our boat on a true course. May we give it thought today as to what draws us closer to God and what tends to pull us away from our true center. Let us live in that center!