Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Opening to God

“Prayer is the natural language of the soul.”  Prayer is not just something we do but more what God does in us with our consent. He takes the initiative and is always reaching out to us and seeks our response.

Prayer is much more than we can imagine and can include a meditative walk, celebration of communion, listening to Him as we read scripture, allowing music to draw our spirit to Him, sitting in silence, recalling our blessings with gratitude  etc. etc. All of life can be prayer when offered to God in faith and with openness. When our hearts aren’t open in faith to Him, it may look like prayer and sound like prayer but will not be genuine prayer.  “Genuine prayer always begins in the heart and is offered by an act of opening our self as we turn toward God in faith.”  Let us say yes to Him and open our whole selves to Him !