Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Opening to God

“Prayer is not simply words that we offer when we speak to God but an opening of our self to God.”  Can we even imagine what our lives would be like if we were always attuned to God and allowed His life to flow into us and through us?

In this life we probably live some where between being closed to Him and being completely open. We may hold back in our openness as it brings vulnerability of this kind of surrender. The Lord wants to remove our hesitations and blocks so we can become whole and live in openness before Him. Through prayer God touches and changes us, and as we respond to His life flowing into us He touches the world too. He wants to pray in us and through us. Prayer is not just something we do or feel we ought to do, but prayer can become a way of living our lives.  May we not just be people who pray but for whom our lives are prayer!