Devotions from Henri Nouwen’s book, The Inner Voice of Love

To live a disciplined life is to live in such a way that we only want to be where God is with us. The more deeply we live our spiritual life, the easier it will be to discern the difference between living with God and living without God.  Our great challenge is faithfulness, which must be lived in the choices we make every moment. When we are find ourselves eating, working, playing, speaking or writing no longer for His glory, then we should stop because we are no longer living for the glory of God. The main question should always be whether something is lived with or without God. We have our own inner knowledge to answer that question. When we do something that comes from our need for acceptance, affection and affirmation, and every time we do something that makes these needs grow, we know that we are not with God. These needs won’t be satisfied and will only get bigger. But every time we do something for the glory of God, we will know His peace in our hearts and find rest there. IT is He who holds us safe.