Devotions from Judy’s heart

“I trust in you O Lord; I say ‘You are my God.’ My times are times are in your hands.” ( Ps. 31:14-15) This was so true yesterday as we felt His presence when we came from the cities in a storm. While at the Dermatologist, it took so long first to get into my Dr. and then extra time teaching a resident how to stitch me up etc. We got on the road late but later found out the delay was good.  If we had been sooner we would have been in the midst of the storm that hit here shortly before we arrived.  We had to also wait about an hour as lines were down on our road and an ambulance had to get through. But we did get home and we were so thankful.  I thought of how I had been impatient in my spirit at the Dr. but it was actually good as it prevented us from being caught in the brunt of the storm. Sometimes what we think are delays are God’s way of protecting us. Over and over again in scripture we read about time and how Jesus was always on God’s time. Let us also be on His time for He knows best!