Devotions based on Kenneth Boa’s book, Conformed to His Image

Without Christ we are out of harmony with God and life is all about our selves as we use people, things, and circumstances to meet our needs. But in Christ we are in harmony with God and life is all about Him who has already fully met our needs.  God desires to create a community of spiritual beings whom He can reveal Himself and from whom He can receive glory, and show love. When we are members of God’s family, our need for unconditional love and acceptance is fully met in His limitless love.  He is the head and we are the Body. And as individual parts of his body, our need for true significance and identity is fully met. He wants us to receive and reflect His likeness and glorify Him forever. ( Eph. 3:21-22)  As His followers, we must not look to the inadequate and unstable things of the world to meet our needs. God is enough!!!  This doesn’t mean we won’t have painful things in our lives and rejection from others, but these things will not destroy us.   We derive our self-image from God and we are loved and significant and competent in  Him.