Devotions based on Kenneth Boa’s book, Conformed to His Image

We are all motivated to want to have our needs met.  It is easy to be deceived into worldly thinking  that those needs can be met other than in God. We have physical needs like food, clothing, shelter, rest, protection etc but we also have a set of psychological needs that have to do with our sense of self-worth. Everyone needs the security that comes from feeling unconditionally loved and accepted by at least one other individual. Otherwise we feel incomplete and lack a sense of belonging. Because this need is imperfectly met, we can feel rejection that leads to a sense that we must earn acceptance and love. We often go to great lengths to try to win the approval of others.

We also need a sense of personal significance and identification with someone or something greater than ourselves. We need to feel worthwhile and that life is meaningful. But if we have had experiences of personhood rejection we can feel inferior and try to find significance in other ways….like finding the right partner, the right job, the right car, the right friends, the right clothes etc.
Another need is the sense of competence and fulfillment that comes from the belief that our life has made a difference and that we have accomplished something that will last.  If we have experienced performance rejection we can be left with feelings of personal inadequacy. That leads to trying to validate our worth through achievement and performance.

It is deceptive to turn to people, things, and circumstances to meet our needs because none of these will satisfy them fully. Our joy and our peace depend on looking to Him