Devotions based on Kenneth Boa’s book, Conformed to His Image

Prayer is such an important spiritual discipline as we commune with the Lord as an intimate friend.  John Piper said, “Prayer is God’s delight because it shows the reaches of our poverty and the riches of His grace.”  When we neglect prayer or it is just an afterthought, we tend to move away from our dependence on Him and get stuck in self-reliance. The author said that Prayer should be the centerpiece of our spiritual journey! It is not just because we are commanded to pray and follow His example, but prayer makes a big difference in our lives. It enhances our fellowship and intimacy with Him, and helps us understand and accomplish His purposes for our lives. It changes our attitudes and desires, and gives us new perspectives on things. It puts us in touch with His power and helps us to stand firm. We need to come before Him in humility with expectancy.  The time and best place for us differs but as we focus on Him we can release all our concerns and stresses and just rest in His presence. It is good to have balance and not just ask for things, but take time to listen and be quiet before Him. We must not let our ministry become a substitute for prayer. When this happens we are ineffective and become self-dependent. “It is not prayers in addition to work, but prayer simultaneous with work.”

Let us set our hearts on Him and spend time in His presence!