Devotions based on Kenneth Boa’s book, Conformed to His Image

We will be drawn to certain spiritual disciplines, depending on our personalities. It is good though to try some occasionally that we would not normally gravitate to. Since I have written on several of these before I will only highlight a few.

The discipline of journaling is closely related to prayer, meditation and study. “Journaling enhances personal reflection, encourages us to record perspectives we have received from Scripture, and serves as another form of prayer.”  I find it helps clarify things for me as I record my insights, feelings, and experiences on my journey.

The discipline of studying the Word helps us with our priorities and gives us guidance for decision making. It can help us overcome temptation, and enhance our knowledge of God and ourselves. We need to be responsive to what we read and be willing to apply and obey what we learn. It helps to be consistent, and approach reading with the attitude of reverence and receptivity. We do this discipline to meet God and know Him better and this will come as we are humble and teachable and have the mindset of a learner. I think it helps us stay fresh and alive to new insights and not get stuck or hardened. The author suggests reading a Psalm five minutes before going to bed and let the verse speak to us and be our last waking thought. Then the next day read it though again and take it with, letting it be our theme for the day. More tomorrow.