Devotions from Judy’s heart

Yesterday I went to the garden to get some lettuce and tomatoes for our salad. I was quite surprised when I saw the whole row of lettuce was all eaten and also some of the cabbage etc.  We had been robbed!  A critter had feasted on our veggies and then napped on cabbage leaves in the corner. My gardening friend was there too, and we looked around and found that the critter had snuck in at the bottom of the fencing. Right away he put out a trap and today we may find out who the robber was. In scripture we are told often to be alert, to be on guard, as we know the enemy wants to gain access to our souls and rob us.  Luke 21 says we are to watch, to stay awake at all times.  The enemy seems to know our vulnerabilities and tries to trip us up and gain a foothold in our lives. Even though we had taken some measures to protect our garden, we still needed to be alert to any area that is vulnerable. Every day in prayer I put on the armor of God and also pray for each one in our family. We need to be alert and particularly to ask Him to protect us in our vulnerable areas where healing is still taking place.