Devotions from Judy’s heart

Isn’t it easy to get attached to things so that we miss the new the Lord has for us? Maybe it is a certain way He seems to relate to us, and all of a sudden it changes, and it no longer “works’!  I still remember when the way I had had devotions for so many years seemed dry and no longer “fed” my spirit. I was introduced to a more contemplative way and after a time, it was so nourishing to my heart. But it is not easy to abandon what has always worked and then to embrace the new ways. Just the other night as we sat by the camp fire, we were talking about getting a better boat that is conducive for use with the grandkids. We were all dreaming and excited about the possibilities, until Kurt realized he would need to put his boat in as a trade. Oh!!!!!  He would have to give up his boat with all its memories and that needed some thought. Later he came back to say he would let go of the old one to embrace a different one that better met the needs of his family. Things change and that means we have to change with it. In Rev. 21:5 the Lord says, “Behold, I am making all things new.”  May God give us grace to let go of what was, for what is now!