Devotions from Judy’s heart

The other day I ran into Penney’s while Al waited in the car.  I was just going to buy kaki colored pants that were the same style as a black pair I bought some time ago. They were so comfortable that I decided to get a second pr and knew my size etc. When I began rummaging through the racks, I thought I had the same kind of pants but when I got home, I recognized my mistake. They weren’t quite the same and didn’t fit like the others. They are not going to work! I have to take them back and find the right ones when I shop next week. I thought of how sometimes things appear nearly right but just a little off. We need to pay attention as truth carried to extreme is no longer truth. The enemy may not hook us on something really off but he tries to get us in subtle ways. Often something is close to the truth but just off a bit and is no longer truth.  (Just like my pants were the same brand and similar, but not the same.)  There are so many scriptures on truth and we have been given the Spirit of Trruth. In Ps. 86:11 David says,”Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth.”  Let us be lovers of truth and walk in truth!