Devotions based on James Smith’s book, The Good and Beautiful Community

All of us have friends or family that we would like to share our story with that they may be drawn into the life of faith. They are watching us all the time, and our actions are communicating for good or for ill. The author gives us simple activities to help us share without embarrassment. The first thing we can do is to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to send people our way who need the Lord and to be watchful of whom they may be. We can reach out to them by asking them to go to lunch or coffee and asking nonthreatening questions. We can be good listeners and it will give us clues as to the condition of their hearts. What is that person struggling with? Where is God working in their life?  Then we can connect their situation with the gospel.  If they are hurting, share the good news of Jesus wanting to be there in their pain etc.  Sometimes we may be asked to tell our story and it is good to let the person know we are not perfect and we also struggle…but nevertheless have put our faith and confidence in God. At a certain point we can invite the person to join us at church, or a social setting, or a service project, or small group Bible Study. Then keep praying for them and trust God. Let us point others to Him!