Devotions based on Haase’s book Living the Lord’s Prayer
Another characteristic of kingdom people is Surrender to the Present.   Jean-Pierre De Caussade writes a lot about this and said, “True spirituality is the ready acceptance of all that comes to us at each moment of our lives… What God arranges for us to experience at each moment is the best and holiest thing that could happen to us…There is never a moment when God does not come forward in the guise of some suffering or some duty, and all that takes place within us, around us and through us both includes and hides his activity.”  This means that we constantly surrender ourselves to every single circumstance of every single moment of our lives. Think of Mary who was surprised by the angel’s visit and word to her but responded with, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.”  Could we have said that?!!

Do we respond with selfless, sacrificial love because we know the certainty of His love? 
Do we know that what each moment brings is the best possible thing for us and have the confidence in God that He is good?

As we surrender to His will at each moment, His kingdom comes and blossoms right here, right now, even if it seems so small and ordinary. Can we trust and surrender to the present moment today in all that comes our way?  I think it takes a willingness to renounce any desire to control but especially to trust. Let us trust Him!!