Devotions based on Haase’s book, Living the Lord’s Prayer

As we go through life praying Thy kingdom come, we are planting seeds of peace, love, and justice in our own small way. Haase mentions  characteristics of keepers of his kingdom. First is an awareness of God’s love and then sharing that love with others.

They have awareness in their bones that they are first and foremost beloved of our Father. It is like the very air that surrounds them and gives them life. This experience of His love grounds them in the present moment. Such awareness drives them deeper into the world and relationships. Their lives overflow with awe as they experience His love and they no longer have a need to prove themselves, gain the attention of others or make a name for themselves. There is no obsession with self-concern, self-image, self-preservation and self-gratifications. God’s love sets them free from the ego stranglehold and gives freedom to respond with selfless acts of sacrificial love. They become lovers of others as they accept others and show them hospitality and love. They focus on others without looking into the mirror to count the cost.

Human love for another does not take away from love for God. Rather, love of another person completes, rather than competes with, the love of God.”

May the reality of His love for us and others become deeper in us as we pray for His Kingdom to come.