Devotions from “Living the Lord’s Prayer” by Albert Haase

There are no words to adequately describe our God and our limited understanding can not reach the heights of all that He is.  God is love but He is also so much more than what the human word Love means.

From the words of St. Francis: He is love, charity, wisdom, humility, patience, beauty, meekness, security, rest, gladness, joy, hope, justice, sufficiency etc etc. and so much more.  God is indescribable, unfathomable, in comprehensible. He is like the air we breathe: we can never grasp it with our hands. It is arrogant to think God can be captured, photographed, contained or described by the human heart or mind. God is God! 
Some people find that words, images and metaphors help make them more aware of His presence.  Others prefer the awe-filled silence and absence of images and metaphors.  Sometimes our prayer leads us to the gift of silent contemplation. When this happens, God quenches our thirst, feeds our hunger and  makes us forget all earthly things  It is like basking in the presence of God and is there anything more wonderful than that?!