Dear Ones,
Hope you had a good weekend. We heard a great sermon yesterday at Mark and Andrea’s church and then went to an Asian restaurant for dinner. We played outdoor games and indoor games and finished the day with a good movie and popcorn and blueberry smoothies. Today we have all day to play games as the boys are out of school. Tomorrow we plan to leave for home so would again be appreciative of prayers for our health and safety. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
Our culture values strength and confidence, not weakness and vulnerability.  But the worldly values are so opposite from what Jesus teaches and exemplified in His life. The Apostle Paul writes how Jesus made Himself nothing by taking the nature of a slave…and He did this willingly.
We need to be more vulnerable like Jesus, although most of us would not choose to let our weaknesses be displayed for all to see. Matthew Dickerson writes and uses the example of a winning football team who suddenly loses the game when the coach of the opposing team discovers a weakness of the team and exploits it. They are exposed!
But isn’t it hard for us to choose the Jesus way and to be exposed and vulnerable and not cover up our weaknesses? But if we hide those vulnerabilities, we will not be able to get help or connect with others who have similar ones. Jesus showed vulnerability when he came as a helpless baby, or his tears while with His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane.
I so vividly remember the prayer over me by a friend, just before I was to speak to a large group. I didn’t like to speak but was doing so in obedience, and his prayer just touched my inner spirit. It was from I Cor. 1:27 where Paul said not many were powerful and wise according to worldly standards, “But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong.” That fit me perfectly as I felt weak and unworthy to speak. The Lord saw me through and I could only give praise and thanks to Him.
We all can benefit from those around us who share their weaknesses. I text back and forth with one who shares her vulnerabilities. I not only pray for her but I now see more clearly weak areas in my own life that are very similar to hers. How neat that we can pray for each other!
Let us be humble and vulnerable so that God can use us to shine His light through us, just like a cracked pot in a dark room…the light is seen through our cracks.
Challenge for today: Be open about your cracks and accepting of others with theirs.
Blessings on your week and prayers and love, Judy