Dear Ones,
Happy Weekend! May you wake to a day of hope and blessing. I have a cake in the oven and already the house is full of aroma. I hope to get some more done in the kitchen and spend my Kohl’s bucks this afternoon. Emoji
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  I’m sure all of us have been through painful experiences and wished to get free of them as soon as possible, preferably immediately! Even though we hear we will learn through them, it is not something we wish to hang on to, but for life to return to a comfortable normal again. However, no matter what we go through or how long we go through it, nothing is wasted.
   I was reading on an article by Michelle Rabon who is a writer and teacher and home school mom. She helps remind us that when we place all things in God’s hands, good or bad, it will not be wasted for there is purpose in it. I’d like to share a few of her thoughts as she writes that God helps use the pain in our lives.
  First of all, God is at work for us and in us and will give us the needed power when we feel faint and weak. We need only call on Him! (This promise is found in Isaiah 40:29-31) God also walks with us and draws us close to Him in the midst of our situations of pain for He is “Near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in Spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)
  It is comforting to remember that our pain won’t last forever. One day he will wipe every tear of ours away and we will live forever with Him, and absolutely no pain or sadness.  In the meantime, we can be assured that our present pain can’t begin to be compared to the good things the Lord has waiting for us.
   We don’t have to worry that we won’t be able to handle what comes for He pours out His comfort on us in the midst of whatever we are going through. Not only that but can use our experience to bring comfort to others. He gives His promises of strength to get through our situations and In Isaiah 41 He tells us not to fear for He will strengthen us and help us and uphold us and hold our right hand. God also assures us that he will make everything work together for good and for His purposes and we can rest in that promise as we give Him our situations. (Romans 8:28) He also tells us in Psalm 91 that when we dwell in Him that He will rescue us when needed and honor us.  May we joyfully go through our pain, knowing He will comfort and strengthen us, and our pain will not be wasted.
Challenge for today: The next trial you go through, thank the Lord that He will give you the strength to go through it and ask Him to use it all for good and His glory.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy