Dear Ones,
Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Maybe I am enjoying it too much as I forgot to send out today’s devotion. We arrived safely in KS at our son’s yesterday afternoon and had time to catch up with family, and even some family movies. This morning Al and I went to Panera’s for coffee and to a bookstore and this afternoon we are going to a Nursery to make a floral arrangement that our granddaughter will be demonstrating. Tomorrow is the big day here when the Chiefs play and even at church most people will be clothed in red!Emoji Go Chiefs!
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  I recently read what Lindsey Van Sparrentak wrote of the 10 things Christians forget when they leave church. I almost laughed out loud as I immediately thought of the times we go to our son’s megachurch, and the first thing we encounter when leaving church is the parking lot. They have attendants there to control traffic, so you can’t just barrel out of your parking space but wait your turn until a whole lane of cars go before you. We can hear a great sermon and yet forget much of what we hear as we leave church. In this case we forget to be patient, to put others first, to die to self.

  We can’t compartmentalize our lives into what we are at church and then what we are in the world. We are the same on the inside and often there is a battle going on as to choose to do right, even when we want to do wrong and hit the horn at our neighbor! But besides forgetting patience when we leave church, we may be neglectful in our prayer lives. While in church we may love the beautiful prayers, but when we get home, we worry rather than pray. We forget to go to God first and tell Him even the smallest details of our lives to the biggies. Maybe we also lose our joy when we leave the peaceful setting of the church for our trying circumstances at home, and we feel downcast. But as Nehemiah says in Neh.8:10 “The joy of the Lord is our strength!”  Our joy is not dependent on everything perfect and harmonious but in the Lord.

Well, when leaving church there is also forgetfulness in serving, for at church we may gladly join others as we work together but then forget to serve at home. Heavens forbid that we should have to take out the garbage!  We may also neglect to show love to our enemies or tell others about the Lord. Sometimes we can also lose our peace when leaving church for we get overly busy and don’t take time to rest and be restored; it’s just work, work, work! But lastly let us all not forget His grace to us, for we are not perfect, but His grace will cover us!

Challenge for today: When leaving church, ask the Lord to help you live for Him all during the week and remember that nothing you do for Him is wasted!
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy