Devotions from Judy’s heart

When we arrived at Kurt’s Sunday we are usually greeted outside as the kids are watching and waiting. But this time we didn’t see a soul and it looked like no one was home. I opened the garage door and we unloaded the car and were going upstairs when all of a sudden we heard voices. They were in their rooms and had not heard us.  All of a sudden we were engulfed in hugs and kisses. They weren’t expecting us quite so soon as we got here before our anticipated time. We are reminded in scripture over and over to be ready, to be alert for the Lord’s coming. We don’t know the day or the hour but we do know He is coming. Will He find us watching for Him, anticipating His arrival, telling others, getting excited…or will He find us so into the world that we are unaware. We need to guard our hearts and keep watch.