Devotions from Judy’s heart

A couple nights ago Al’s cell phone not only went through the wash but was in the dryer for a short time before it was caught. I remembered hearing about putting wet cell phones in rice and went on line to find out exactly how to do it. It sat for 48 hours in rice, and like a miracle it came out working again. If I had not recalled hearing about the rice, I think we would be out shopping for a new cell phone. I thought of how spiritually we sometimes hear a word and it barely registers on the screen of our hearts at the time. The person who spoke it or preached it may feel his words were wasted. But someday, in the right timing and circumstances it comes to light. In fact the Holy Spirit may bring it to our remembrance just in the exact moment needed.  God is always speaking to us, and often we hear only faintly or try to block it out. He tells us again and again to listen to Him and it says in John 18:37 that “Everyone who is of the truth listens to My voice.”  Just like the message I heard some time ago about rice, the Holy Spirit can bring to light what we have heard…that means even things we gave only partial attention to. And also when it seems like our words were not really heard by another, we can trust that someday the Lord may use those words to bring change. As we go about out day, ”Let us be “Quick to hear”!! ( James 1:19)