Devotions from Judy’s heart

I just came back from my prayer walk and noticed my uncle’s road is open and plowed. Last week when it snowed I didn’t venture up his road as I didn’t know how deep the snow cover was. But now his road looks like an open invitation to enter.  It made me think of how important preparation is in our spiritual lives. When we prepare our hearts, it is like an open invitation for the Lord to visit us and bless us and also for others to enter into our lives. When we go to worship, it is good preparation to pray before hand that our hearts would be open and softened to receive what the Lord has for us. And as we prepare for communion to let the Spirit search our hearts to reveal things we are in need of forgiveness of.  Just going to a council meeting we can prepare by putting ourselves in neutral, so we don’t insist on our way but open to what the Spirit desires. Right now I am busy making preparations for a group coming tomorrow morning for brunch. If I waited until they were at the door to prepare the food, think of how much I would miss out on. Let us let the Lord plow the soil of our hearts in preparation of all He has for us. Hosea 10:12