Devotions based on James Smith book, The Good and Beautiful Life

Have you notices how the media plays on our fears to boost their ratings and sales?  There is a difference between concern and worry. We can be concerned about many things but worry is what we do after e have planned, prepared and acted cautiously.  When we stew about something we have crossed the line into worry. “Worry is a disproportionate level of concern based on an inappropriate measure of fear.”  Worry leads to anxiety  and is both futile and opposed to kingdom living.  Every time we cross the line into worry we have turned our focus away from God and His providence. Sometime we do this because of the false narrative that says, “If we worry enough about something, we will prevent bad things from happening.” 

Worry harms our relationship with God, causes physical discomfort and destroys joy.  Jesus says in Matt 6  we are not to worry about primary needs like food and clothing. If God provides for the smallest of creatures, won’t he provide for us?  Also, If God takes such great pains to make a little, insignificant flower beautiful, then how much more will HE take care of the people He made in his own image.

When we focus on our own limited resources we worry, but if we trust in His abundant resources our worries will cease.