Devotions from James Smith book, The Good and Beautiful Life

“Live for an audience of One.”  This Puritan saying reflects God’s kingdom living. Much of our lives are spent playing for an audience of many, and fixating on what others are thinking or saying of us. But we need to shift to an audience of One. What we do for God is what really matters.  As we focus on God it leads us to a true sense of who we are. “True self knowledge comes from looking into the face of Jesus, not the faces of others.”  This doesn’t mean we don’t pay any attention to what others may say about us, but we turn our thoughts to God first. Then we are free to listen to others and have discernment.

The kingdom of God is the only place we have real peace. When our false narratives are replaced with His kingdom narratives we are able to love without needing to receive, pray without feeling pious, serve without needing to be thanked etc.  Our value is set; our worth is stable and unchanging. We are of immeasurable worth!  When our hearts are penetrated with that message we become truly free!