Devotions based on the book, Gold in Your Memories by Macrina Wiederkehr

Each season of life contains unique memories. Sometimes painful memories can take center stage and force the golden ones to retreat.  If our heart was torn open by memories of things that should never have been, there will come a time when we will have strength and courage to lean into our painful story and allow it to be integrated into our lives and become one of our teachers. Occasionally we need a time of hibernation, which is not the same as hiding. We may hibernate until we grow strong and wise enough to let our painful memories harmonize with our lives and embrace them. Then we can begin remembering the flowers ( people, experiences, and moments that are beautiful) that have brought healing and joy to us. As we return to these moments they are like a sacred place in our spirit and bring us comfort and strength. Let us discover the gold in our lives, that which is able to soften our hearts and restore our hope. It can be the memory of loving people in our lives who have stood with us, or moments that have brought comfort, or a thing of beauty etc etc.  But let us claim all of life as our teacher even if we have to travel through a dark forest to reach the place of light and healing.

I did begin writing about my childhood experiences and must get back to writing about the rest of my life. When we began packing for our move to the Lake I put my diaries etc away so will have to get them out again. Two friends have written of their life experiences and it was enlightening to read. Each life is so different and even how we write about it.