Devotions based on Macrina Wiederkehr’s book, Gold in Your Memories

All of us need to discover the gold in our lives by mining the memories that have been lost and forgotten. These memories need to be received, accepted and integrated into our lives so healing can take place. They come all mixed up and not just “Joyful Memories only” or “Painful memories only?”  It is even possible to have happy and sad ones at the same moment. As we gather our memories we will feel alive, renewed, fulfilled, and full of hope. As we remember the gold, it can continue to bless us today. Our souls are the keeper of our memories and even the painful memories can work for our good when we are in touch with our souls. Memories matter and they are a part of who we are. We don’t live our lives in the past, but we need to gather all the pieces and “like beads of life gathered together to create a beautiful necklace of experience.” Hidden in even our painful history are lessons waiting to be learned as they contain seeds of wisdom. As we return to these remembrances they can be for us as a school of life. We learn from both pain and joy. “In the underground river of our unconscious all of these memories wait for us. “