Devotions from Judy’s heart

While at Sanibel Stanton took us for a ride in his boat for miles in the canals. We saw the back side of mansions and big boats the owners had. Most every mansion had gorgeous landscaping with flowers and shrubs, palms etc. But some neglected the back of their homes by the canal thinking they would not be seen by many people. Some had lots of clutter they thought was hidden from view but we could see from our boat. I thought of how so often we can let others see the best side of us, but only a few see the “worst” in our lives. But God sees it all and those close to us often see our “junk”. Why do we hang on to our messes, when he wants to clean it up for us?  Nearly everyone in Sanibel has a gardener and he is the one who pulls the weeds, prunes the trees, fertilzes the shrubs, etc. In the same way the Master Gardener wants to remove our clutter and transform our heart homes into something of splendor. So let us not settle, but give Him permission to do a deep work