Devotions based on James Smith’s book, The Good and Beautiful Community
The author gives some practical ways of making our worship experience more meaningful. So often we may be running late or get distracted or frustrated with our worship experience. But it is good to remember that it isn’t all about meeting my needs as much as shaping our souls.

One way is to create some margin in terms of time and begin with the right attitude. Instead of rushing into church at the last minute, it is helpful to arrive before the service starts and become fully attentive, lifting our heart up to Him!

Come with holy expectancy. It may be something as simple as offering a prayer that the Lord would speak to us. We might start with focusing on one particular aspect of worship this week. For example if we choose singing, pay attention to the words and notice what is happening to us as a community as we sing.  Another way is to apply one thing.  Worship transforms us and leads us into new patterns of living. We need to pay attention to what God might be asking us to do this week. “Just as worship begins with holy expectancy it ends with holy obedience.” Let us try to discern what one thing God may be asking of us and put it into practice this week.