Devotions from Leighton Ford’s book, The Attentive Life

We all go through dark times of doubt, depression, disappointment, betrayal etc  If we learn to embrace our suffering, to carry it rather than lying under its weight and letting ourselves be crushed, then something strange happens.: We have lifted the weight and instead of being crushed by it we find it light-  “My yoke is easy, my burden is light”.

Without the depths, the height would not exist or appear so magnificent.

Where are the spiritual highs and lows in our life? Where was God in all of this?

Corrie ten Boom use to say,” There is no pit so deep that His love is not deeper still.”

The love of Christ is boundless: it is bottomless; it is infinite: it is divine. It passes knowledge.

We will strike the bottom of every other love; but never His love. We will never come to the length, breadth, depth or height of it. To all eternity, the love of Christ to us will be new.

God watches over our heart and mind as a mother hen watches over her chicks.

Thus, we can walk into the darkness rather than to try to outrun it. May we allow ourselves to be transformed by our suffering rather than to avoid it.