Yesterday’s sermon spoke especially to me as I had been contemplating these past couple weeks on the Lord singing over me with love, from scripture. I know we all know this in our heads, but do our hearts really know He delights in us and sings over us?  Any way Pastor Thea’s sermon was on music and how the Lord sings over us with love. What confirmation to my heart.

Devotions from Leighton Ford’s book  The Attentive Life

The season of midlife, when the curve of our energy begins to drop, is a time to rest and enjoy the fullness of what life has to offer and to let go of regrets over what may have passed us by. It is not a time of retreat but of renewal, a time to explore and develop new and overlooked parts of ourselves. This is especially the time to make fresh room for God in our heart. It is a time to embrace the now and the inevitable contradictions in ourselves and around us.
Like a rest in a musical score, we pause to come to a stop between light and night, busyness and quietness, between winding up and winding down.

God’s rest for us involves freedom- to trust, to live out His dream for us, to work, create, play , let go, and move on. The rest God offers is the freedom to be fully present in the moment, free to reflect and enjoy what has been; to let go of the deficits and regrets that wear us down; free to envision what will be, what we are being re-created for; free to unburden ourselves of regretful thoughts about our yesterdays and anxious thoughts about our tomorrows.

Thomas Keating says we spend the first part of our lives finding our role-what we are conditioned by our culture to DO- and the next part finding our true selves, what we are called by God to BE.

God puts a sense of eternity in our hearts, and true rest in this life is a foretaste.

May you embrace the day and be present in the moment.