Devotions from Leighton Ford’s book, The Attentive Life
Why is it that we so often let many busy things of life pull us away from the main thing that should get our full attention?

Distraction comes from the Latin word to pull apart. When we are distracted we pull away from what deep down we know is our most fundamental goal, purpose or direction. We become confused by conflicting emotions or worries and get restless. Hurry is the enemy of the life of the Spirit.

Even the church may have so many activities that we are not “physically fit” to join the church!
Distraction splits us down the middle and divides us against ourselves.

Martha was so busy that she missed enjoying the present moment with Jesus. We need to pay attention to both our Martha and Mary parts…we are contemplatives in the midst of life!

Only one thing is needful.

“The things that don’t matter can be regarded with indifference and forgotten

The good things of life take priority.

But the best and deepest are discovered only through attentive waiting.”