Often at the midpoint of our lives we are susceptible to distractions and fatigue.

Distractions are not necessarily bad if they are divine interruptions by which God gets our attention and turns us in a new direction.  Think of Saul when his life was interrupted by a divine light.  We need to pay attention when we are given a grace-giving distraction. (Example of Mary whose marriage plans were turned upside down by the angel’s announcement!) 

Sometimes important discoveries are made about life, the world, and ourselves from those moments of interruption when our attention is called away to something new.

This kind of distraction is different from the distractibility that diverts us from our true calling.

In fact we can suffer from SADD, a kind of Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder as we get so busy and fatigue sets in.  We need to stop and realize how much is going on right now that we are missing.

Why don’t we give the Lord our full attention?
When we become overtired, maybe it is because we try to do it all ourselves and are not trusting God’s strength fully enough.

When we are anxious, maybe we don’t trust his goodness and power enough.

When we are apathetic we have not trusted his grace enough

When we are afraid, we have not trusted his love enough.

But when we turn to Him, His all-compassionate love is waiting to stream into our lives.