Devotions from Judy’s heart

Lately I have been doing Christmas baking and sometimes the counter is full of dirty dishes in the process. I love making cookies etc but wish someone else would be present to do up all the dishes.  There are times that friends drop in unexpectedly while I am cooking and baking and find me in my kitchen mess.  Isn’t it that way in our lives too… they are always filled with messes? Spiritually, we need someone to come along side of us and do heart cleaning? We have such a loving Father who wants to do that for us as we ask Him. He waits and is so ready and willing.  Others may see our “messes” too and may offer to pitch in and help us through those times but only He can cleanse our hearts. We need continual help in this area for our hearts are always needing cleansing as we have no good apart from Him. Ps 16:2