Devotions from Judy’s heart

When I went for a prayer walk the other day and saw many deer tracks in the snow, it made me aware that there is a lot of activity going on that is often unseen by our eyes. When I walked a little farther, 3 deer ran across the road right in front of me.  Often in our spiritual lives we know the Lord is in something but is rather hidden. We see His print, like the deer tracks, but it is not obvious and we must trust our discernment. But when the deer showed up and pranced across the road in front of me, it was like Yes! I saw clearly what I only had a hunch of before.  Of course, I would rather see the actual deer than just prints in the snow. I can identify with the disciples (as I read in John 21 today) when Jesus revealed himself to them on the shore after catching 153 fish. John said, “It is the Lord!”, and there was no doubt. But may we also rejoice when we see signs of Him and know He is there, even when it isn’t so obvious.