Devotions based on Michael Molinos, The Spiritual Guide

All of us want our soul cleansed but do we rejoice in the way the Lord often brings tribulation into our lives to bring that about?  Great good comes from Tribulation but I don’t suppose any of us pray for that.  In the midst of trials we can  exercise the most wonderful acts of love and charity, as we are being refined. Can we get to the point where we rejoice in the midst of trials knowing that it brings us nearer to the Lord?  Perhaps we are nearer to God more than any other time in our lives when we feel He has deserted us. The sun may be hidden behind the clouds, yet the sun has not changed its place, nor lost its brightness. The Lord allows a painful desertion of His presence to purge and to polish and cleanse us. Then we will have a clear opportunity to give our whole self to Him without thinking of our personal gain…but only to be His delight.